Centreville Animal Hospital: Dedicated to Promoting the Human-Animal Bond

Art of owner with dog under a tree

At Centreville Animal Hospital, we are compassionate providers of exceptional lifetime veterinary care for our community. Pets are family in our house, and nothing makes us happier than being greeted by wagging tails and licks on the face.

At Centreville Animal Hospital, we are committed to promoting and strengthening the human-animal bond between pet and owner and we remain true to the goals we set for ourselves by:

  • Providing a comfortable environment
  • Building genuine and caring personal relationships with our clients and patients
  • Striving to exceed expectations in all situations
  • Constantly expanding our knowledge and improving our skills
  • Maintaining state of the art medicine and equipment
  • Advocating and recommending what is in your pet’s best interest
  • Actively promoting a team atmosphere that is fun and enjoyable

Nobody knows your animal friend better than you do, so we are here to listen to your questions and concerns. We look forward to welcoming you and your pet to our family.