Lifelong Wellness Care for Adult Pets

Two cats laying near the window

It is important to schedule regular wellness exams with your pet’s veterinary team so they can gain valuable insight regarding your pet’s medical history, current condition, and future medical needs. Regular checkups provide our veterinarians the opportunity to monitor your pet’s health and update vaccination boosters.

During your pet’s wellness visit…

During your wellness visit, our veterinary team will review your existing parasite control plan, examine for any fleas or ticks that may have chosen your pet as a host, and perform a blood test to check for the existence of heartworms and tick borne diseases. We examine a fecal sample using a centrifuge and microscope, an effective process for discovering intestinal parasites. Year round parasite prevention products are a simple, cost effective way to keep your pet and family safe from these pesky guests.

Pet Dental Care

Good oral health is important to your pet’s overall well-being. During the wellness exam, our veterinarian examines your pet’s teeth and gums. They check for any tartar or plaque build-up, as well as any other dental concerns. This is a great time to review your current at-home dental routine and for asking any questions you may have about your pet’s dental care. If needed, a professional dental cleaning may be recommended.

Pet Nutrition

Your animal’s nutritional needs may change as they grow older, and adjustments in the diet should be made to meet these needs. Monitoring weight changes and performing a blood test to assess organ function helps us counsel you on the best dietary plan to maintain your pet’s well-being. Our veterinary team is happy to assist you in selecting a diet that meets your pet’s nutritional needs.

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