Pet Dental Care: A Healthy Mouth for a Healthy Animal

Your pet’s teeth are extremely important for overall health. In addition to being responsible for bad breath, tarter build-up can result in a variety of medical conditions including infected gums, damaged teeth, and abscesses. If left untreated, an infection can spread to the rest of the body. These infections affect organ functioning in the heart, lungs, and kidneys, even decreasing the lifespan of your pet.

Veterinary Dental Exam

During your pet’s annual wellness exam, our veterinary team discusses your current at-home dental routine with you. If needed, we can assist you in developing a home care plan that fits into your lifestyle and meets your pet’s needs.

We examine your pet’s teeth and gums for plaque, inflammation, tooth damage, and other signs of dental problems. If your pet displays overall good oral health, preventative measures can be implemented such as continued tooth brushing, positive nutrition, and dental treats and chews.

Veterinary Dental Cleaning

If needed, a professional dental cleaning is performed to remove tarter and plaque build-up and address dental issues such as infected teeth. Under general anesthesia, our experienced veterinary team removes calculus and tartar build up with the use of an ultrasonic scaler. Polishing and fluoride treatment complete the cleaning.

If needed, we assess, treat, or remove any damaged or diseased teeth. We strive to provide your pets with the highest quality dental care during their professional cleaning. In addition, we provide pet owners with education and supplies for premium at home dental care.

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