Pet Wellness:

Dogs hanging in play area

Centreville Animal Hospital is proud to provide comprehensive veterinary care to our four-legged clients. Routine wellness exams, parasite prevention, and vaccinations are easy and most cost effective ways to ensure your pet’s health. Contact us today to schedule your next appointment.

Wellness Exams

Routine wellness exams allow our veterinary team to perform a nose-to-tale physical examination of your pet, identifying any concerns that may require additional attention. Pets age faster than we do and regular check-ups and diagnostic procedures allow our team to track when changes to the treatment plan should be made.

Your Pet’s Needs

Fleas, ticks and heartworms are bothersome to your pet and, if left untreated, can be dangerous for the rest of your family. Our veterinarians examine your pet to rule out current infestation, as well as discuss preventive products that can protect your pet all year long. These easy to administer products are a cost effective way to protect your pet from pesky parasites and dangerous medical conditions. Stop by our on-site pharmacy for assistance in selecting the products that best meet your pet’s need.

Vaccinations are an important tools in protecting your pet (and their human family members) against a variety of diseases.

Vaccinations are an important tool in protecting your pet and their human family members against a variety of diseases. During the puppy and kitten stage, your pet receives the initial set of vaccinations followed by a series of boosters over the next four months to build up the immune system. As they enter their adult and senior stages, pets continue to receive annual boosters.

While your veterinarian will talk with you about your pet’s lifestyle and living environment to determine which any specific vaccinations they require, there are a list of general vaccines recommended for all pets.

Kitten & Cat Vaccinations