Outstanding Veterinary Care for Sick Pet Patients

Staff member with patient

Centreville Animal Hospital promotes and encourages general pet wellness and vaccinations for all family pets. These routine visits with our veterinary team allow us to monitor your pet’s health and identify any possible medical concerns early on, prior to becoming serious medical conditions.

Even with the best of preventative care, our animal companions sometimes become ill. You can rest easy when this happens, knowing our in-house services and skilled team will be there for all your pet healthcare needs.

In-house Diagnostics, Laboratory & Surgical Services

We provide our patients with an on-site Laboratory, ultrasound, and digital x-ray services. This allow our veterinary team to order, perform, and receive diagnostic tests and procedures in a timely manner, eliminating stressful waiting when time is of an essence. If surgery is needed, our surgical suite is equipped for most soft-tissue and orthopedic procedures.

Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation Services

Surgical procedures or illness can result in prolonged recoveries, during which an animal’s muscles can atrophy from disuse. Our rehabilitation program is designed to help your pet make a speedy recovery and regain strength.

Hospitalization Boarding Facilities

Our hospitalization boarding facilities are equipped to meet the needs of ill and recovering patients. In a separate area from our regular boarders, pets receive the personal attention needed to make a quick recovery.

On-site Pharmacy

If medications are required, our on-site pharmacy is stocked with most prescribed drugs. Our friendly team assists with any questions you might have including the best way to administer drugs, how much, and how long your pet will require medication.

Having a sick or injured pet is a stressful time. Our veterinary team makes sure you are informed of your pet’s progress and any changes in condition while the patient is with us. In addition, you are always welcome to contact us with any questions.